Transforming Digital Coalition to respond COVID 19

Building digital community resilience to tackle COVID19 in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Voice foundation amplified its efforts and transformed the Digital Coalition consisting of 27 well-grounded CSOs covering 34 districts where 4,000 trained, skilful women in Android applications ready to tackle COVID 19 among 3 million men and women across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka involving other community structures.

Voice foundation in an effort to revive and reach the trained Saathis and other community structures through its partners with information, knowledge, resources and collate and exchange information and resources to CSO’s in a strategic way to tackle COVID 19 more effectively in rural parts.

To make it more meaningful this digital coalition ensures that correct and verified information reaches the masses in rural India, and creating platform to share, demonstrate the represent the needs to Government, Donors and other stakeholders to fight COVID19 collectively

How we respond to COVID19

Reaching People in Distress and Need for relief

Voice Foundation sharing COVID19 awareness massages, resources list (Food, Shelter and Blankets) available with Government relief centers in each state to women and communities on a daily basis over WhatsApp for further to disseminate to Saathis and Communities.

Connecting people with Information and sharing knowledge

Voice foundation Coordinating with its allies and facilitate to drive the content via bulk messages. CSO working with SHG, Youth, Farmers and volunteers can share their contact to get daily message on COVID19.

Building Community resilience at ground through digital platform

Creating knowledgeable, healthy, socially cohesive, and economically sustainable and resilient community in rural villages.

We registered with NDMA to join the fight against COVID19
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Transforming Digital Coalition to respond COVID 19